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About Us

DentaSante Oral and Dental Health Office was established to provide all sort of oral and dental health services for with 25 years of experience.

By using the most advanced technological devices with expert dentists and assistant health personnel in their fields, we goal you can leave in a healthy and happy way from our offices.

We provide services at international standards in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients with innovative treatment methods and technology.

While providing our services, we precedence plan the hygiene and patient pleasure, which we care about in the 1st degree.

In our office, which is designed in such a way that patients can feel comfortable and safe, services are provided in all branches of dentistry.

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Our Services

Dental Implant Applications

Implant application is root-shaped structures placedin the jawbone in order to complete themissing teeth or to provide the functional aesthetics of several teeth. This application is usually...

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Smile Design (Hollywood Smile)

It is the most impressive and remarkable smile that can be made by evaluating the human facial anatomy in terms of aesthetics and health. The ideal smile is considered as the harmonyof the teeth, lips and face...

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Teeth Whitening

When teeth lose their original pearly white color, it helps them look white with teeth whitening treatment. There are hundreds of teeth whitening systems in the world. Whitening processes that can be applied to all healthy teeth do not harm the teeth and gums. On thecontrary, white...

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Orthodontic Treatment (Braide Treatment)

Orthodontic treatment usually includes physical changes such as better mouth closure andstraighter teeth; It is a great way to improve one's self-image. Having gorgeous and straight teeth is important, but solving serious dental or jaw-related health...

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Gum Treatment

When gum diseases are kept under control in the early period; In the majority of cases,calculus and gingival cleaning and daily effective dental care are sufficient for successful treatment. With this ...

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Invisalign Treatment (With-Free Orthodontic Treatment)

Invisalign is a wire-free orthodontic method consisting of a series of completely custom-madeplaques. These custom-made plaques show that every move of the treatment is planned down to the last millimeter by using 3D technology and what kind...

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Canal Treatment

In the structure of the tooth, there are vessels and nerves that move towards the roots. These formations are; deep bruises are damaged by trauma or infection-related conditions as a resultof an effective impact. The process of...

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General Dentistry

Oral and dental health centers were established in order to present their procedures and to ensure that every patient comes out of their treatment healthy and happy. Dentist; It provides services in all departments at international standards...

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